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Currently Playing Song - NamKoCom RadioAlbumTime
Song Information Namco Sound Team - ALMOST FROZEN (for Antarctica Stage)Tekken 2: Strike Fighting, Volume 12:45
Most recently played songsAlbumTime
Song Information CAPCOM SOUND TEAM Alph Lyla - Our JourneyBreath of Fire II1:17
Song Information CAPCOM SOUND TEAM Alph Lyla - Dying CorpseBreath of Fire II1:30
Song Information Taro Iwashiro - Breath of Fire IV ~Opening A..Breath of Fire IV OST1:37
Song Information Chanchacorin, Ogeretsu Kun, Bunbun, Ojalin, Mari, Yuko, Harumi Fujita - TITLE[CPCA-1065] Capcom Music Generation Famicom Music Complete Works Rockman 1~6 (Disc 2)1:22
Song Information ANARCHY "TAKAPON", Akari.K -Lemon-, Kda Mto, Super 8 IWAMI - MEGALOPOLIS[SRCL-3274] Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness Arcade Gametrack (Disc 1)3:14
Song Information ARM(IOSYS) - Ground BGM (Stage 1, 2)30th ANNIVERSARY CAPCOM Music Best:Original & Arrange5:25
Song Information Hideyuki Fukasawa - pledge Stage ~Street~Chaos Legion Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)3:02
Song Information NAMCO Sound Team - Hit Out (for Stadium Stage)TEKKEN 2 Strike Fighting Vol.21:47
Song Information Setsuo Yamamoto - OPENING STAGE30th ANNIVERSARY CAPCOM Music Best:Original & Arrange1:40
Song Information A_Rival - Chun Li StageStreet Fighter X Mega Man OST1:34
Top 10 most requested songsAlbumTime
Song Information CAPCOM SOUND TEAM Alph Lyla - Cross Counter [times requested: 2]Breath of Fire II1:10
Song Information The Smash Bros., Jake Kaufman - Jungle_Hard [times requested: 2]Contra Dual Spirits ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [N/A]1:55
Song Information The Smash Bros., Jake Kaufman - Laboratory [times requested: 1]Contra Dual Spirits ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [N/A]0:54

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